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About Hamara Ganj Basoda

Ganj Basoda (गंज बासोदा), sometimes simply referred as Basoda, is a municipality in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Ganj Basoda is one of the ten tehsils in Vidisha district Vidisha


The princely state of Basoda was founded as a vassal state of Gwalior in 1753. The rulers belonged to the Kurwai dynasty and were titled Nawab.

Basoda is located at 23.85°N 77.93°E. It has an average elevation of 399 metres (1309 feet). The Parasari river divides the town into two parts. Another river Betwa also flows at west end, very close to the town.

Ganj Basoda's economy mainly depends on agriculture and Stone Mines. It has one of biggest Grain Mandi of Asia.It's Sandstone is very popular in foreign countries like UK, Italy etc. Main crops are wheat, gram, lentils, soyabean and ground nuts. Wheat of Ganj Basoda is famous all over the country. Ganj Basoda is also famous for its stone market. Stones mined from Ganj Basoda or near places exported to international market via Kandla port (Gujarat). It has sound trade market and increasing.